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Two Hills
Melbourne jeweller Rhiannon Smith started her handcrafted label Two Hills in August of 2011. Named after the matriach of her large family, the label was inspired by the women around her, each of them creative, beautiful, intuitive and with an immense strength of character. It was Rhiannon's desire to create jewellery that reflected these qualities, which led to the labels refined and uniquely feminine style.    These handcrafted earrings from Two Hills are part of an exclusive new collection. Made from sterling silver, the Earring No.3 features a large circle shaped stud with sterling silver wire threaded through the bottom to create an abstract wide arch that drops down and moves when you move. With a post made from sterling silver, these earrings are safe for sensitive ears.  Earrings are approximately 65mm in length and 47mm at their widest point.  Each pair are hand made so may vary slightly. Sterling Silver SHOP Two Hills ▶ 

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