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Walking On A Pretty Day...

Taking a cue from Kurt Vile’s song with the same title - and the whole album from which it comes - ‘Walking on a Pretty Daze’ is full of expansive songs that stretch out for miles, and go at their own speed and pace. This is summer to us; languid days lounging and reading, getting lost inside your own mind for a little bit… after all the celebrations of Christmas time and the end of year, you owe it to yourself in way. 
Here are a few images put together that speak to the blushes of summer, simple pleasures such as reading an inspiring interview in Apartamento magazine, drinking something delicious and refreshing from a gorgeous ceramic tumbler, or ushering in a new decade with a new piece of jewellery - something special just for you. 
Enjoy the holiday season, see you all in the New Year xxx 

Seb Brown Signet Rings

Halcyon - Ada Sunglasses, Sophie Harle - Tumblers 

Apartamento - #24 

Verner x Lisa Waup Cap, Halcyon - Ada Sunglasses

 Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson
Layout by Shelby De Fazio
Photography by Gussie Vinall Richardson and Shelby De Fazio