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Vivienne La

Since finishing her study in Interior Design at RMIT,  Vivienne entered the workforce and realised it wasn't as stimulating & creative as she thought it might be. 

Starting a project of her own has blossomed into a full-on creative and professional pursuit - this practice has elements of her studies and research which can be seen to develop and change over time.

Vivienne works under the moniker ‘Content-Aware’ which as explained on her beautifully and well-designed website, "Content-Aware describes an intelligence within imaging software employing a self-sufficient algorithm that relies on a local image structure to edit and manipulate content. In the event of insufficient or mismatches in information, incomprehensible and nonrepresentational outcomes are created.”

This sums up her approach and method of making perfectly - resulting in work that has a unique beauty and an oddness about them that we, here at MHD find irresistible. 

The pieces we have in store are small vessels and vases, designed to contain a single stemmed flower, a bunch of small everlastings or possibly a feather you have picked up on your morning walk.

They are architectural and visually stunning pieces that can sit amongst your collection at home, weaving in and out of your own personal algorithm throughout the years.

Please pop in to check out these unique, special pieces. 


Photography: Vivienne La