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Lisa Waup X Verner with Monk House Design

Label Verner and Monk House Design collaborated on some exciting images for this week's news… Featuring pieces from the new Lisa Waup X Verner collection ‘Journeys' spliced and styled by the designer herself, along with some Monk House favourites - such as the in house label Simple Tee, Kloke Altitude tee, Suicoke GGA sandals and some of our newest and  most exciting eyewear additions; including local label Halcyon and Swedish label Sun Buddies. Photographed by the wonderful Gina Diggle - a long time Monk House collaborator and friend. In front of the camera, gorgeous Cianne. With her long wavy hair and staunchly charming approach, lit up the simple backdrop and made the clothing, and the scene come alive. Scroll for full picture essay and seriously good looks. 

Some information about the collection…. 
The new ‘Journeys' collection from Verner is a collaborative project with artist and curator Lisa Waup, who is a descendant from the Gunditjmara and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as well as having Italian heritage from southeast Melbourne; her cultural origins play a key role in her artistic and curatorial practice. This is their second collection together and the shapes, bold designs and strength of vision shine through in every piece. Lisa Waup’s role in the collaborative process included providing 3 distinct works that were then re-imagined into repeat printed patterns. The works used were Continuity, Tracing History and Eyes of Our AncestorsContinuity consists of a multitude of lines which congregate with edges, pointing to a central square shape – a square has resting points – which can be a place to ponder, and gather strength to reassess the situation and direction you are going and give space and time to address options at hand. Tracing History form is steeped in singular lines crossing in and out of one another – creating square or triangular shapes around - a totem pole - detailing the connections to all that is around the artist – adapting to negative and positive aspects of Waup’s life. The monochromatic drawings becoming stepping stones, researching missing history - while embracing the known and unknown of what is and what will be. Lastly, Eyes of Our Ancestors describes a mask-like image, a manifestation - detailing the forever presence of Waup’s ancestors, which guide her in times of doubt. They look over here when at times she is lost for direction. The image is a presence of eyes taking care of Waup and her family. 
Every piece from this collection has a story to tell, and a life to live. Get around it - online and in-store now! 













Shop Verner x Lisa Waup

mages by Gina Diggle and Styling by Ingrid Verner
Model: Cianne Woolley of People Agency 
Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson and layout by Shelby De Fazio