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Love Song Dedications

The day that many people dread… hallmark card celebrations aren’t for everyone and sometimes these symbolically charged days leave you feeling flat and as though you are missing out. Sometimes it's nice to get swept up in the moment, why not? Other times it's a case of failed expectations…what would it be like to meet in the middle? To have a realistic idea in your mind about what the day might bring, and whether it has to mean as much as you think or anything at all?

 In all of our daily lives, it is hard to slow down and appreciate what you have. Maybe Valentine’s day can be about showing your loved ones that you care for them, and they are in your thoughts, in turn making you consider what you do have. It doesn’t have to be a big bold statement - it can be small and sweet - those socks your housemate has always wanted - that pair of gold hoops that you know will suit your sister and that she will love. A simple, elegant necklace for your mother, … something for yourself maybe? Self-love and self-care are also important. 

This year we have put together a gift guide if you feel so inclined - based on our favorite love songs here at Monk House. Each image is based on our chosen song and the corresponding album artwork. From heartbreak to deep friendship love, to falling for someone in a major way… we like to think we have the song for any love-mood. Click here for our MHD Valentines Love Song Dedications playlist! 

Whatever it may be; a drink in the park (our neighbors at Blackhearts and Sparrows have you covered) a wonky handmade card, a set of charm earrings, a gold ring, a song, a sincere text message - whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be romantic love that you are celebrating, but love and the beauty of the human beings that are in your life, for the good and the bad. Go on, tell em' you love them, put on a tune to celebrate it, let them know that …in the words of Barry White;

Never, never gonna give you up
I'm never, ever gonna stop
Not the way I feel about you
Girl, I just can't live without you



Base Range Triangle Bra - Helix Red, Bianca Maverick Monument Earring - Mint, Halcyon Sunglasses Pepe - Black/Ocean, Poms Floral Bag - White,  Monk House Design Scrunchie - Blush, Seb Brown Sterling Silver Serpent Ring - Emerald Eyes, Seb Brown Neapolitan Ring - Red, Blue, Pink, and Green Sapphires  



Verner Headband - Black, By Nye Echo Earrings -18ct Gold Plate, V-ROSA Necklace - Gold Plate, Halcyon Ada - Havana/Black,  Lott Studio /101 - 9ct Yellow Gold, Seb Brown Large Sqaure Signet - 9ct Yellow Gold


Bella Clark Holiday Necklace - Rose Quartz + Cobalt, Two Hills Earring No.27, Bella Clark - Heart Pendant Silver, Newend - Fob Necklace, Newend - Cross My Heart Charm, Monk House Design - Circle Ring



POMS - Sabina Sunglasses, POMS - Grosso Choker, Bella Clark - Crossover Hoops Gold, APHA Lab x Kirsten Perry - Ceramic Burner, Paloma Wool Milton Cords - Green



Lott Studio - /027 Necklace Gold, Seb Brown - Star Necklace, Bella Clark - Heart Sleepers Gold


Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson
Styling & Photography By Gussie Vinall Richardson & Shelby De Fazio
Layout Design by Shelby De Fazio