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V-Rosa Debut

We welcome V-ROSA to Monk House Design. Founded by one half of Thursday Sunday, Mara Tonetti - the pieces from the collection are heavily influenced and inspired by her Italian roots. The label was born due to the desire to sustain past family history and an awareness of the importance of continuing to celebrate family, heirlooms and stories - containing fragments of them in contemporary jewellery peices seems to be V-ROSA’s mission. Incorporating a sense of history and time, however embodying modern design through creating shapes and forms that are highly wearable, gorgeous and fun.

Each piece in the V-ROSA collection takes it’s cue from a heirloom, moment or experience from the designers everyday life; be it here in Melbourne, or Rome, Italy. Pieces available at Monk House such as the Catena Drop Earring; which is a foldable 14k plated gold chain earring - recalls party nights and traditional Tarantella dancing - which is a folk dance, characterised by light quick steps and a slight teasing and flirtatious behaviour...Also in the mix is a series of beautifully sized hoops - named Oro Hoop - coming in a red and green enamel plating as well as a 14k gold plated style, not to forget the Bandiera (IT) Hoop! The name makes sense if you know a little bit of Italian, as it is a traditional surname meaning flag - the enamel highlights on the hoop represent the colours of the Italian flag and are encased in a brilliant thick gold plated hoop - wear green, red and white with pride!

Pop in store to try these delights for yourself! Available online soon…









V.Rosa available in store now and coming online soon...

Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson
Layout by Shelby De Fazio