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An exicting new addition to the Monk House Design stable is Sydney based label, Threadgate. 

Run by textile designer Gemma Threadgate in sunny Sydney, Threadgate the label is all about print, process and sustainable practice. She makes clothing, homewares and also handy accessories like tote bags and cushion covers.

Threadgate’s pieces are simple in design and clever in construction. Each piece is lovingly made and attention to detail persists through each stage of the design process - from conception to production. Gemma is first and foremost a textile designer but having worked with fashion labels such as Emma Mulholland, she has more than earned her stripes in the ‘fashion' game. Close to the labels' heart is making use of local industry and supporting makers and small businesses around the label. Instead of using larger companies, Threadgate utilises her local design/maker community to produce her pieces.

Her new collection titled ‘Sleep’ is what we have in store. Inspired by Ted Spagna’s ‘Sleep’ series in which he captured people in stages of sleep and dreaming with a camera, snapping shots from a birds-eye perspective. The series is a meditation on the beauty of slumber and the intricacies, vulnerabilities, and states of consciousness. As you might expect, the new collections pieces imitate sleepwear - but they are actually functional, extremely comfortable pieces that you can work into your wardrobe…you can live the dream - literally! Gemma spoke of her ideal wearer in an interview - “Someone who likes to be comfortable and enjoys their living space and appreciates unique, ethical and sustainable designs.” This ethos is very much shared here at MHD and the pieces we chose from her collection very much reflect this.

Threadgate doesn’t shy away from colour, it seems actually to be a way of life! This is another reason why we love her so much. Greens, purples, blue hues, oranges, and navy all sit together - perfectly ordered and complimenting each other in a brilliant way.

We have a limited amount of special pieces from the ’Sleep' collection which are in store now and online now - be sure to get in early to avoid disappointment. Threadgate is one to watch!

Scroll for our interview with Gemma! 


What led you to become a fashion designer?
I have always had a interest in designing and making things for myself. I taught myself how to sew when I was 10 years old and would make a lot of my own clothing, the desire to learn and create something new has always been with me. Ten years ago I studied fashion design and clothing production that led me to work in Sydney with various fashion designers including my friend Emma Mulholland. Emma had just started her label and we both grew and learnt alot from working on the label together. I then decided to go back to studying in 2014 to study textile design which opened up the world of screen printing to me and made me want to pursue my own designs through my Threadgate label. I had some interest in my graduate collection so Threadgate the label grew from there.

Whats your daily routine?
My daily routine changes depending on what stage I am at in the collection but recently I have been  getting up early and organising my day, replying to emails and getting orders ready to send, over breakfast and coffee. I am then either screen printing, cutting fabric, sewing or visiting my maker. If I am screen printing that involves a 30 minute walk to the studio and then printing through to 5pm then back home. My partner and I have just recently moved house so a new routine of ours is walking to the park after work with a beer and playing frisbee for about an hour, which has been a nice way to end the day and good excuse to get out of the house and studio. I then try to do another 2-3 hours of work at night before bed.

What is your favourite thing about what you do? And what is the biggest challenge about what you do?
I really enjoy being able to work for myself and be in control of my time and practice, though  this can also be the biggest challenge. From the last collection to this collection my biggest challenge and lesson was setting realistic deadlines and learning to let go of some parts of the process and contract someone else to do the work. My greatest passion and enjoyment comes from screen printing which I do all myself and something I want to continue doing with Threadgate.

Do you listen to anything while you are in the studio?
For most off the time I am alone in the studio so I listen to music when printing and a podcast when I am doing bulk repetitive sewing. For music I have been really into French duo The Blaze and for a podcast I have been listening to How Did This Get Made? with Jason Mantzoukas, both I would highly recommend.

What influences your work?
At the moment my Threadgate work is most influenced by my desire to bring my vision for Threadgate into fruition and be able to work for myself everyday on something I am passionate about and put all my own energy and time towards something for myself.

Where do you draw inspiration?
I draw inspiration from all different parts of my life,  when designing my collections I like to start with a concept or an idea. For my current collection Sleep, I was inspired by Ted Spagna’s body of work Sleep – in which he set cameras up above the beds of his friends to document their sleep. I was drawn to the repetitive nature and routine of sleep and how Spagna had shown this in his work. I find in my everyday life and work that I thrive off repetition and routine. Printing my plaids, it is the same motion over and over again and with printing you are trying to replicate the same design again and again, so this is something I really enjoy and find therapeutic.

Whats in store for you in 2019
For the first half of the year I am focusing on the Sleep collection, I also have an exciting collaboration coming up with some people I really admire and planning a pop up to launch the Sleep collection in my home. Plans for the rest of the year involve experimenting with printing on new fabrications and expanding on the Sleep range over winter before launching a new range for summer.

Designer: Gemma Threadgate
Photographer: Natalia Parsonson
Model: Britt Odell
Stylist: Emma Finneran