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Summer in the City

Summer in the city..  if you are one of those people who have to work through the height of summer you might not have swimsuits or terry towelling on your mind. However you might be on the hunt for the perfectly fitting pant to get you into work-mode for the new year, or a bright, yet comfortable tee. Summer is a time for colour, movement and positivity toward fresh beginnings - the new year ahead. 

MHD girls Gina & Tori have put together some of our favourite pieces which we love and covet, including pieces from Base Range, Kloke, Penny Sage and Verner.

Scroll to get inspired, kickstart your new year with something vibrant…go on...


from left:  NEWEND Cutter Ring,  BASE RANGE Tee Shirt,  KLOKE Echo Pant,  MLD Grande Necklace

from left:  KLOKE Etna Shirt,  BASE RANGE Triangle Bra,  NEWEND Kneader Ring,  SEB BROWN 
Neapolitan Ring,  TWO HILLS Ring No. 25

from Left:  KLOKE Sight Linen Top,  KLOKE Bowed Skirt

BASE RANGE Apron Wrap Dress

from left:  POMS Bell Bracelet,  POMS Revolution Ring POMS Duo RingVERNER Beautiful Floral Pant,  BASE RANGE Shaw Tee

from left:  BASE RANGE Dydine Strap Top,  MLD Chain Necklace & Enzo Necklace,  PENNY SAGE Wyatt Jean

Photography: Gina Diggle