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Established in 2006, SUICOKE continues to approach its design of footwear in an original and distinctive way, consistently challenging creative development and utilizing only the highest quality materials.

In 2014, SUICOKE produced a sandal equipped with an original Vibram® Morflex sole – The Morflex sole completes the strong aesthetic of SUICOKE sandals, adding function and comfort. Its light-weight, shock absorbing qualities were the number one priority during development, and the result is a sole that enhances mobility as grip. In addition to the Morflex sole, a Vibram® VI-MF compound footbed is also used in SUICOKE sandals to ensure maximum resilience and cushioning.

All this said we love Suicoke for its ability to complete any look in an aesthetically fresh and interesting way without compromising on comfort. 


Photography: Gina Diggle