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Suicoke (su-ee-co-keh) hit cult status in Japan with its production of small accessories such as hand painted Matryoshka Dolls (Russian Nesting Dolls). Not being a brand that conformed to just 'one' genre of products, they began producing functional sandals. With an ethos of taking 'out of the box' ideas and applying them to basic products, this gave them creative freedom to do as they please on each of their products. 

Since becoming the leaders in sandal design, Suicoke produce a range of collaborative collections alongside their own independent range. Collaborators include Norse Projects, Deus and Slam Jam. 

Sandals with adjustable nylon straps, moulded Vibram footbed, woven logo and Vibram Morflex soles and with every season producing a series of colour palettes better than the last, Suicoke are ahead of the game with sandals. Pick from the SAMA or CHIN2 styles in black, beige or grey.

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Photos by Elise Wilken