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More than ever our lives are becoming a complicated mass of connections, communications and “stuff” With a simple pair of well designed, hardwearing, work pants we can start to simplify our wardrobes and create a sense of ease.

Stan Ray brand originated in Crockett in Texas USA, in 1972. Founder Earl Beard was made redundant from his job and together with his wife Billie Jean they took out their retirement and started to specialise in the production of military grade cotton garments - such as painter overalls and natural drill pants. Founded under the principles of hard work and high quality, durable garments, ‘Stan Ray provides hardwearing garments for a no-fuss lifestyle” Over 40 years later Stan Ray apparel, named after Earl’s youngest son, Stanley, remains true to its initial principles and continue to produce all garments in the family owned and run factory in Texas.

Comfortable and able to be worn without fear of ruining the finish, or “wearing them too much” the Stan Ray painter pants are a very versatile pant, and can be worn across a wide variety of contexts. We have a wide range of colour options when it comes to the Painter Pant, such as Natural, White, Black, Olive Sateen, Hickory Stripe. We are also lucky enough to have a new colourway ‘Charcoal OD Hickory’ which is an overdyed version of the more vibrant Hickory Stripe. 


New to MHD is the shirt jacket called ‘CPO shirt’ which stands for Chief Petty Officers, a standard issue garment of the US Navy. Although called a shirt, it could be more accurately described as a jacket due to its substantial material content and construction. With its simple functional design and rugged construction, the CPO shirt is a vintage classic, made from 70% wool they are warm and fuzzy for those wintery evenings. Available in traditional black but also in a warm-toned plaid, aptly titled ’Sunset plaid’. Additionally, we have a wider range of shopper tote bags, and a really nice bucket style hat coming in two colourways; Hunter green herringbone and denim.

Although originally a military based label, Stan Ray has evolved over time to represent something else. Traversing divisions the Stan Ray collection is decisively for anyone and can be worn by everyone.

We celebrated this fact by using an alternative model to our usual subjects, a first for Monk House Design! We are very excited to introduce to you Aidan. A young creative and maker himself, he studied Fashion Design in Brisbane before moving to Melbourne last year. He now works with some of the other labels in our stable, and practices weaving in his spare time.

We are in love.
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Photography: Madeleine Burke