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Sphaera soap is run by Ali Johnson with the assistance of sister-in-law Suni Hermon, Sphaera’s design and brand manager. The brand is very much a family affair having come about due to the birth of Ali’s first child. Ali, soap maker and founder was craving a creative outlet. Having been a practicing metalsmith and sculptor for quite some time and then being at home and in a domestic space, she started to experiment with soap making. 

Ali approaches making Sphaera soap in a similar way to art making, starting from a conceptual base and working from there. Using research and intuition in equal measure. Her interest lies in the rituals around self care and cleaning. 

The process of making soap is quite a scientific one, the process released on a chemical reaction, so all measurements and ratios have to be exact... down to the very last half-gram. Also temperature plays a part, which have to be carefully controlled at every stage of making. It was a slow process, and took Ali many years to master all the necessary skills. She even studied perfume making techniques in order to create the right aromas, now so iconic to her brand. 

The striking cube shape is inspired by Plato and his philosophical musings on elemental forms - the earth being represented as a cube. The bar of soap being cube-like also serves a practical purpose, the cube form ensures that less surface area remains in contact with water, making it a longer lasting bar. 

Ali uses fine natural clays as part of the soap composition along with a careful selection of essential oils. As Ali says herself ...“It’s a luxurious experience, but it’s not $2,000 worth of luxury. It’s a luxury you can have every single day in the privacy of your bathroom. It’s something you can do to look after yourself and feel like you have small pleasures throughout your day.”

...And we haven’t even mentioned the packaging! Each bar of soap comes in a beautifully designed and articulated cubed box, the soap slotting in perfectly. Everything about Sphaera soap is thoughtful and well considered, a celebration of the everyday rituals of bathing and cleansing.