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Sophie Harle creates hand made pottery for every day use. Her pieces are practical yet considered and beautiful – a delight to use and also to proudly have on display. We visited Sophie at her home studio to see her in action and learn more about her practice.


What do you do?

I'm a potter.

Do you have a daily routine? What does a normal day for you look like?

I go for a long walk every morning with our whippet Nellie, then I'm usually in the studio after lunch and work into the evening. I'm more of an evening person for getting work done. 

How did you end up doing what you do today?

I studied ceramics at VCA and then studied art curatorship, followed by PR and found myself working as a consultant for ten years. I loved pottery, so took classes every spare moment I had. Then five years ago I left my corporate job and immersed myself in my dream of being a potter. It's not the classic route, but it worked for me.

What influences your work?

My daily walks. I just wander and think and plan out what I want to make. It's a lovely, gentle, organic process.

What are you listening to in the studio?

Audio books! I listen to a lot of books.

What’s planned for next year?

Right now I'm just focused on getting through Christmas!!

Photography by Madeleine Burke