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Recently we had the pleasure of visiting Seala Lokollo-Evans at her beautiful home in Brunswick. Seala's practice spans from large scale ceramic sculptural work to small metal object based work.

We are lucky enough to feature a limited range of Seala's Sterling Silver Memory rings. Each with symbols and signs carved into them to create unique and precious jewels. Seala’s Memory Rings are developed through her interest in documenting mythologies and memories that directly relate to her. 


What do you do?

I have been enjoying making Memory Rings and am an Art student.

What’s your daily routine?

Morning coffee at Sugar Dough café, followed by spending time at my desk making or researching for my rings. Going to the vegetable shop is always fun. So many colours. Cooking in the afternoon... I love cooking at the moment. Then normally I share the meal with a loved one come night time.

What are you listening to in the studio?

Susumu Yokota Sakura full album (2000)

What do you like about working from home? Do you find it challenging at times? 

Well, I normally can't work at home and have always used my university studio instead however now that I am concentrating on my rings and working with wax, having a bedroom studio has been so means I can wake up early and go straight to my desk. I collect a lot of mementos and objects for references so it's nice to have all of my most treasured belongings in one place, my bedroom. 

Where do you draw inspiration?

Memories, mythology, other people and their experiences and stories, beautiful natural things like shells and water, music.

Can you tell us a little about your sculptures? 

I use clay to build them all. Structurally, I really like making large objects with clay because I have to use my whole body to support the form. It’s challenging and exciting because you never really know what is going to happen in the end. The process is where my interests are.

Did you grow up in a creative environment? 

Yes, I went to a Steiner school called Shearwater in the Byron Shire for 15 years. It was very creative and supportive of people like me. My Mum loved to paint and draw and so we always had materials for that around the house. During my early childhood, Dad was a jeweller himself. I grew up near the beach so we always collected shells and feathers and little natural treasures. That probably is why I still love collecting them so much today. Found objects play a huge part in what inspires me.

What’s in store for you in 2018

I have plans to continue evolving my Memory Rings, the process of making and meeting new people every day has been a real blessing! I would love to travel at the end of the year too. So for now, I am happy to be in  the moment and see where the river flows.

Photography by Madeleine Burke