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RITTLE - Studio Visit

This week we catch up with Ellie King aka Rittle. Visiting her Thornbury home and studio we see Ellie's eclectic collection of ceramic sculptures, plants and freshly planted veggie garden. Every corner offers an arrangement of figurines, planted pots and amazing artwork that King has collected over the years. 

Ellie working in her kitchen

To gain an insight into the daily life of Rittle, we've asked Ellie a few questions: 


What do you do? 
What ever anyone will pay me for!!!!! No not really I print, embroider and build ceramics 

How long have you been doing what you do?
Rittle came about when I desperately needed a career change after owning a cafe. I've always drawn and made things, I just realised I could make a job out of it. I used to embroider at night to calm me down after a long day of making coffees then got requests for shirts and pillows and it kind of snow balled from there. 

What’s your daily routine? 
Wake up water the veggie patch, make pancakes and go get a coffee. Then I tackle post after that's out of the way I can relax and head into the studio and paint or print till my back hurts. After that I'll usually go drink wine with friends after not talking to anyone all day haha.

How long have you lived in Melbourne?  
28 years baby! All my life, love it but might be fun to live somewhere else for a bit one day.

Do you have a mentor? What is it about them or their work that has helped you to be where you are today? 
Great question, I was thinking about this the other day. I don't think I have any mentors but most of my friends are in the same position as me running their own businesses and pretty much any dinner, lunch or coffee turns into work talk and business advice. They all run their businesses in different ways so it's cool to see that you can work in your own way and be successful, that there isn't just one path!

Who is your favourite artist?
Ken Price or Picasso. 

What are you listening to at the moment? Name your top three tracks

Can I name top 3 podcasts? I'm more a podcast person than a music person (is that really daggy?) ok well here they are either way... my favourite murder, you must remember this and real housewives of beverly hills after show.

What are your plans for 2017?
Expand my range and start teaching embroidery workshops!


The kitchen

The bedroom

The bathroom

Ellie cleaning screens in her shower

The laundry 

The studio

Pots ready for firing

Ellie planting pots and attending to her veggie garden

Photographs by Elise Wilken