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Post Sole Studio - Studio Visit

This week on the blog we caught up with Breeze Powell and Myra Spencer, the masterminds behind Post Sole Studio at studio/workshop where they design their own label’s range - Post Sole - and also locally manufacture leather and vegan shoes for other labels, such as Radical Yes and Kuwaii.

Meeting in the workplace; that they were destined to take over in some sense, Myra and Breeze forged a friendship and strong working relationship that had its chance to blossom fully when ex-boss offered them the machines and components they needed to continue to manufacture for Kuwaii - who was then manufacturing their footwear through their (former) workplace - Walk On. The pair said of the opportunity … 'It wasn’t something we had necessarily thought about or were ready to do but it wasn’t something we wanted to pass up’. This intuitive thinking, combined with a sense of adventure, and obviously a talent for making good decisions and of course incredible design (!) - culminated in Post Sole studio being born…the label has now been running for 6 years roughly - the pair being able to focus on the label and it’s needs solely from 2016.

Their focus and passion arose due to realising that there were very few locally made footwear options available - combined with their interest in process, problem solving and working kinetically had them hooked on the shoe making game from day one! The pair combine unexpected leathers, fabrics and shapes - together with unusual sole patterns and textures to form an incredibly comfortable and wearable shoe - not sacrificing the visual, each P.S.S shoe to us is a work of art. Multiple processes and steps go into the manufacture of each individual shoe - Myra and Breeze describe it as thus; "design – pattern making – pattern grading – patterns into knives – upper and lining cutting – sock and insole cutting – sock and insole construction – stitching – sole making – upper preparation – lasting – roughing – soling – finishing – boxing". Wow! what a whirlwind - all put into action by the duo in their studio in Collingwood, only now having brought in an extra set of hands to help with preparing for production etc.

For us here at Monk House Design - they have made two beautiful styles. The Crossroad Fuss - which is comprised of a leather upper, a leather covered moulded cork footbed with a rubber sole, they are generous in width and have a weight to them which speaks to quality and longevity. Able to be worn for formal occasions just as much as brunch at your favourite local spot- the Crossroad Fuss is a gorgeous slide sandal, a classic that will last!

Additionally we have the Summer Lane style - in a custom rich mid-blue colour way, featuring a leather upper and lining, a leather sole, and wood heel to finish. With the heel being medium to slight, these slides will give you all the elevation you need in comfort and style for weddings, christmas parties and all the rest!

The inspiration behind the name Post Sole comes from their sewing machine, which is called a Post machine - and sole is obviously a part of a shoe - connecting the wearer to their body, and the earth. And lastly Studio - regarded as an important place due to the connotations of an artisan or artist who is learned in the art of their disciple - in this case shoemaking. In a sweet twist of fate, P.S.S also stands for their last names! The synergy is real people!

Scroll for beautiful photo essay from photographer Gina Diggle of their work processes and the daily routine of Myra and Breeze. Thanks so much for being so generous and allowing us a peek behind the scenes! Exciting indeed…

Available now in store is the Cross Road Fuss in Black and Summer Lane in an exclusive to Monk House Design mid-blue colour way… don’t miss out!

Steps to keep your special P.S.S summer shoes cared for available here

















Photography by Gina Diggle
Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson & Layout by Shelby De Fazio