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This week we caught up with Adriana Giuffrida of POMS at the NEVERNOW studio in Melbourne's CBD, where she spends a couple of of days each week working with partner Tristan Ceddia and the other days juggling family life.

With the re-release of thePOMS x Pared, Gatto frames we asked Adriana some questions about life, work and travel.  


How did POMS come about?

I had been working in at Something Else by Natalie Wood, and I loved my job, but dreamt of doing my own thing. The idea for POMS came on our honeymoon. We went to Hong Kong and Bali and has this idea to make some little pom pom rings. While we were travelling I gathered all the bits and pieces I needed to make the rings come to life. From there, I made the fluffy earrings while on holiday in Japan, and after a trip to Italy a few years ago, we decided to expand the POMS collection into eyewear. Now we have two little kids and never go anywhere, just kidding!

What’s your daily routine?

We usually get our wake up call from the kids around 7ish. We have breakfast, get dressed and go on an adventure somewhere to get out of the house. Enzo still has a sleep in the middle of the day, which allows me to catch up on work, which Teenie usually helps me with, and after he wakes up we go for a walk to the post office, the park, or to pick up groceries for dinner. Then the dinner time ritual starts. Two days a week I work from Tristans studio in the city which I really enjoy.

Where do you find your inspirations?

I take a lot of inspiration from my Italian heritage, 90’s nostalgia and my mum. She is very glamorous and is always impeccably dressed and accessorised. I’m always asking her about her jewellery and pieces that were handed down to her. I love the stories behind heirloom pieces. Both my parents are Italian but were born in Egypt, so I have always been interested in the iconography of the evil eye and the hamsa, I love it. I am also really inspired by semi precious stones, I love the colours and the meanings evoked by crystal power, I like to bring this across in my work in some way or another. I love that a wearer can benefit from the crystals used in a piece of jewellery.

Where is your favourite place to travel?

I would have to say Italy. Although we never lived there and I can’t speak the language, it feels like home. The food and the demeanour of the people is familiar to me and there is so much to see there. 

What do you have planed for POMS in the future?


We have some really exciting things happening this year for POMS. We are launching our main line eyewear later in the year with a variety of new styles, and some new jewellery as well. I can’t wait to unveil what we have been working on.

What music are you listening to at the moment? 

I’m loving the new 2 Chainz album ‘Pretty Girls like Trap Music’. The new SZA album is really good too. New music mixed with a bit of 90’s R&B always.

Who you would you love to see wearing POMS? be it someone famous or not.