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We welcome Pla Shoes to the Monk House Design family, where “more hands, less machines” is the sentiment & ethos behind Pla. 

Pla shoes are designed by Irene Peukes in the “Pla de Mallorca”, a place where nature and longstanding traditions of the island meld with the multicultural environment and influences it has seen developed over the years. Reflected in design, the latest influences showcase contemporary craftsmanship with the accessibility and knowledge of natural materials.

Irene travels regularly to Bangladesh where she works together as a team with the craftswomen who hand make each pair of Pla Shoes. The incredible skill and care that goes into each pair, braided from a single jute braid that is hand sewn to the cotton lining of the shoe. Precision and care is taken when hand making each shoe, which makes them special and one of a kind, made by experts working with this material. 

Through working with this sustainable material and with the ties with the Bangladeshi craftswomen, Pla create these vegan shoes that are made with precision, respect and sustainability.