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Introducing Petley to Monk House Design

For some reason, I have found people who work with wood are lovely, kind and genuinely thoughtful people. I don’t know what the correlative factors are, but somehow it proves to be true every time! This case is no exception, creator behind Petley, Courtney Petley, not only makes thoughtful and well designed homewares out of reclaimed native New Zealand timbers, she also puts together a very sweet blog celebrating her talented friends and their delicious cooking! (you can check it out here)

New to Monk House Design, is a selection from her refined and impeccably made collection of pieces for the kitchen and the home. All handmade by Courtney herself, at her workshop in Wellington. Courtney says that she came to wood, and woodwork indirectly to say the least. As she says on her website, 'ignorance is bliss’...her first foray into hand carving consisting of hacking away at a piece of discarded Rimu skirting board with an axe and a Opinel knife. Spending the next few months working this way, until she dived further into the art of woodworking and realised that an Opinel was not a carving knife! Having divulged this experimental start - working with wood, and indeed an interest in conservation or restoration is in Courtney’s blood. Having grown up with a father who was a builder, playing within houses in the midst of renovation, and seeing the wooden bones of a house, had quite an impact. Courtney’s dad also restores old houses in and around Wellington, hence the awareness and inclination to use and save otherwise discarded timber for her pieces. However the family interest in wood didn’t start with her father, the Petley’s have been in the business of working with wood, and their hands for over 3 generations!

Clearly Courtney has refined her style of making and carving since the all important Opinel days...below are some pictures she has generously shared of her process, an insight into how each beautiful and unique piece comes into being!

Also, owner and founder of Monk House Design, Roula Tzidras, has put together a vibrant window display in our Lygon street store to celebrate Petley’s arrival. Paired with other sweet homewares we have; linen tea towels and napkins from Mr. Draper, and also some brand new ceramic pieces from the magical Sophie Harle, makes for an inspiring scene. Pop past either store to browse the tactile and gorgeous range.












A range of Petley products are available both online and in store here at Monk House Design. 

Images provided by Courtney Petley
Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson and layout by Shelby De Fazio