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Paris Streets & P.A.M. (Perks And Mini) ‘Beyond The Clouds’ AW 19 Collection

Shauna Toohey and Mischa Hollenbach - masterminds behind well known, well-respected streetwear label P.A.M.(Perks And Mini) have it all figured out when it comes to having a great life/work balance, as Hollenbach explains in an interview; It’s all about time. Having time, and that 'chilling out is really important’. This is somewhat the premise of their new collection ‘Beyond The Clouds’ which is out internationally right now. The collection is based on the idea that we are just one piece of the gigantic puzzle that is the universe. That we, as humans should look within nature, as nature is always watching and that once you realise how big/deep things go, this knowledge can set you free somehow. ‘When you break through the haze and reach beyond the clouds, you see the sky and realise there is an infinite expanse above and around us’


BTS from the SS20 ‘X-PERIENCE’ look book


The duo started making clothing in Melbourne under the label P.A.M. (Perks And Mini) over 19 years ago now, (their 20th anniversary coming up next year!) slowly re-locating their operations to Paris from 2015, now grounded and active in the so-called city of Love. An inspiring and grimy place for the couple who say that the ‘energy is super strong…vibrant, hyper and extreme’ and that every day there is something new to see, and importantly there is great street culture and style - which is of course, what the label thrives off and in turn, puts out. How they see the city is so different to how cinema captures it - their world is no Amelie film, but through their referencing of the psychedelic, and using certain imagery, it would be an interesting collision if these two worlds were to meet! Anyway, their vision of Paris (as seen through their photo essay below, and also through their online content) is refreshing and uplifting - making us all here at Monk House HQ wanting to down tools and relocate. Captured here is a collection of images from what they’ve been getting up to over the Parisian summer - a healthy mix of work and play to be sure. Including preparing for their PFW collection presentation, checking out the space they designed for Nike which was used for viewing the Women’s World Cup and for activations around the WWC, and taking a dip in a local river to cool off from the recent, crazy Paris heatwave! 

On the subject of Paris, from the beginning there was a connection to the city - the label having been stocked with Colette from the early days, and the brands' international appeal, almost cult-following has only strengthened over time. It seems the move to Paris was a natural evolution for the brand, in order to grow, expand and ‘mutate’ (an often-used phrase of theirs, emblazoned on the new tote included in this most recent collection in fact.) The label aims to ‘inspire and turn people on’. Which they are certainly doing…




BTS from the SS20 ‘X-PERIENCE’ look book


"Outtakes from the Louis Vuitton PFW show, they had made custom LV park benches that were called up to make us feel like kids." 



"Paris street view and getting ready for our first presentation during PFW - No Show Official. Here we are making the installation of flowers."


"End of year for the kids - enjoyed end of year concerts and exhibitions." 



"A quick escape from the summer heat with a bike ride to a river."



"Launch of the space we designed for Nike, it was used for viewing the women’s World Cup and for activations around the WWC. We went to see France vs. USA"
"Flowers at the start of PFW and by the end."


Here at Monk House Design, we have a few key pieces from the new collection including a return of the popular and well-cut 'Bri Bri' Jeans, in B.T.C style; this time in lightweight black cotton, featuring a detachable shoe-lace belt detail. We also have an incredible spray jacket, the ‘Waveform Calm Coach Jacket' which is a vivid purple colour with the words ‘Calm Energy’ printed in varying sizes of text on the front and back, as if almost a personal mantra to live by, and to remember at the headiest of times. We also have the ‘Just Say So’ crew neck sweater, in a lovely peachy colour with transferred text and haphazard embroidery detailing, in a similar hue we also have the ‘Gesture SS Tee’ which is a minimal brightly coloured t-shirt with cute flower embroidered detail, centre front. In the mix is an (always) great tote; this time featuring a pigeon and sheep print on either side with text print over image detail, made from ripstop nylon, it’s a large tote with attitude, perfect for complementing any eclectic outfit. Also featured is the ‘North Wind Printed Dress’ which is a calf-skimming dropped waist loose fitting long sleeve crew neck dress, with black and white pixelated print and side pockets; perfect for layering when the cold snap threatens to make you loose your cool.


Available in store shop the collection online here

Don’t hesitate, stay clam and reach, beyond the clouds….


Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson & layout design by Shelby De Fazio
Photos by 
Shauna Toohey