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PAM, 'Women are the future'

We have received a fresh drop from Perks & Mini's latest collection 'Women are the future', where P.A.M explore the wonders of womens power and strength.

"As this planet becomes more brutarian and arrogant and patriarchal, the only real rebellion is to really embrace beauty and pleasure. To reclaim it with as much vigour as possible." – Lydia Lunch

The collection shows the use of different styles and patterns which work together to create pieces that are balanced by beauty. P.A.M. use floral patchworks which prove themselves to be neither feminine or masculine. Along with colour blocked sweaters telling the same story. 

Joining with the patchwork pieces, there are a range of soft denim pieces, featuring tie-up detailing and claim to be an ode to Matrilineal clans. Within these clans, women are heralded as both the past and the future. This detailing is present along the centre front of the relaxed leg jeans and also on a matching denim jacket.

'The future is bright and female, women are the future.' — P.A.M

Photos by Peter Sutherland. 

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Photographer - Peter Sutherland (@petersutherland)

Models - Alison Vanderbilt (@xcarsx911x), Carly Mark (@markcarly), Maia Ruth Lee (@maia_ruth_lee)