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Paloma Wool | New to us this Summer

Introducing a sneak peek of Paloma Wool. Spanish based art project/ fashion label Paloma Wool is the latest addition to our selection of both local and international designers here at Monk House Design and is due for a summer launch! Paloma Wool started up around 4 years ago when founder Paloma Lanna made a sweater with an image of a bush with pink flowers taken while on a trip to New Zealand. Paloma shot it on a friend, and the picture went viral! The sweatshirt was a handmade edition of 50. Since then Paloma has flourished, focusing on community, friendship, and connection to body and place while keeping in the spirit of that first sweatshirt - making beautiful images and stories out of unique and deceptively simple design.

Their mission; "Is a project about getting dressed and about spaces or ideas that are created around the act of getting dressed”. The brand was born out of a desire to connect with the creative community around her and for the brand to act as a platform for collaboration, with artists, ceramicists, jewelers and the like; her wish was that Paloma “be more than just a clothing label".

Paloma's family history is steeped in fashion with her parents starting the 80’s brand Globe and later establishing popular Spanish label 'Nice Things’, of which Paloma is an intrinsic part. She remains the marketing leader at the brand and shares many suppliers with them. The label is active in supporting local industry and almost all Paloma Wool production takes place in Spain. A strong vision and design aesthetic runs throughout the brand and everything they do. They have a unique colour palette and they utilise it well, creating inspiring pieces that carry a timeless quality.

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