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PAGEANT and BANOFFEE have merged their talents to create a very special and very limited capsule range of gender neutral, sportswear inspired garments that reflect the sides of the collaboration to a tee.

Amanda Cumming and Kate Reynolds established their independent fashion label  PAGEANT in 2010. Drawing inspiration from diverse areas and praised for their innovation and ingenuity, PAGEANT collections advocate an alternate vision of femininity that is fresh, fierce and current. Their garments are forged from technically sophisticated fabrics, with aesthetic odes to sportswear.

They have come together with one of Melbourne’s most celebrated music makers, BANOFFEE. Martha Brown aka BANOFFEE has been making music since she can remember. Growing up in Clifton Hill and attending a Steiner school encouraged her music endeavors from a young age. Having musical parents certainly helped too. Releasing her first full EP in 2014 after her incredibly popular track ‘Ninja’, BANOFFEE has grown with her following, delivering A+ tunes time and time again.

The PAGEANTxBANOFFEE capsule range was designed to reflect the vibe of BANOFFEE’s music, whilst still connecting with PAGEANTS sportswear roots. Daring, fierce and pushing boundaries on many levels, the range is unapologetically loud and defies gender norms, resulting in a fun, inclusive and accessible collection.

The collection will be launching in store at Monk House Design on Tuesday 9th August from 6-8pm. A playlist carefully curated by BANOFFEE and some bubbly, you don’t want to miss this one.  

You can view a sneak peek here ▶