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PAGEANT always know how to deliver a spectacular collection, and their efforts for Resort 18 were no different. Heading to Sydney for the first time, PAGEANT presented their collection 'Tunnel Vision' at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia to much acclaim. Attracted to the energy and story of the Cave Clan of Melbourne from the 90s, Kate Reynolds and Amanda Cumming designed a resort collection reminiscent of the underground voyagers.

The Cave Clan were a group of urban explorers, making their way through natural and artificial tunnels, drains and forts. Not only would they explore the underground world, but they would also host experimental art and live music performances. The members of the Cave Clan were drawn to the mystery of the unknown – but above ground they were just regular members of society – an extraordinary double life.

PAGEANT's references to the Cave Clan are evident in styles such as the Boilersuit, a direct call back to the uniforms that the Cave Clan members wore when exploring the underworld, as well as utilitarian fabrics such as denim and netting. Bold and dirty colours such as a dark orange and khaki continue the referrals to the Cave Clan.

We will be hosting the launch party for the Tunnel Vision collection at our CBD store this Thursday 23rd November from 6 - 8PM. All are invited! 
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Photography: Lucas Dawson