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The new collection from P.A.M. has an exciting premise and the clothing does not disappoint. All centred around the idea of immersion and experience rather than stagnation, the latest SS20 range is almost a call to arms. An appeal to immerse oneself in the daily rhythms of life with fervour - to not get caught up in what should be; a picture-perfect scene - but to X-PERIENCE life in a genuine and authentic manner. 

To live in a pre-internet era is now virtually impossible, however, to live with a mindset that doesn’t allow technology and “the internet” to control you, is possible. Perks and Mini believe it and you should too. In the writeup regarding the collection, they mention this idea of comfort - and not letting things be too comfortable - to always question the state of affairs going on around you - to not fall too deep into the "luxurious trappings of contemporary life”. Can clothing say all this? No, but this feeling is palpable throughout the pieces in this collection; they aren’t looking to indulge you, they are pared back and subtle. Everything in the range can be worn in multiple ways and has longevity. 

Included in the collection is an updated version of the signature Bri Bri’s - reimagined with contrast denim panels. Able to be worn high waisted or at hips, these denim babies are the perfect all-rounder pant - wear with your favourite crocs or crisp white shirt, it doesn’t matter the X-Perience Denim Bri Bri Jeans, in Two Way Denim are versatile and have impact regardless of companion pieces. Also in the collection is a great sports jacket, the Walk-In Track Top that will have you going from spin class to an all-night rave in a heartbeat. Featuring woven highlight panels down both arms - recalling a double helix, in grey and brilliant blue and a subtle Pam logo with jumping figure sits on the front right-hand side. The jacket has two zip pockets and elastic cuffs and hems, recalling 90’s Kappa tracksuit sets. Finally, the Keep It Real sweater is really the centrepiece of the collection - an oversized cotton crew neck sweater with 'X-PERIENCE'  allover jacquard knit. Featuring graphic flowers and digital images the jumper is a melange of colour, text, graff and cartoons. A celebration of life, the universe and an open call to ‘keep it real’. Yes! 

Taking their cue from graffiti from the May 1968 French riots. “You will end up dying of comfort.” Perks and Mini have done it again - provided thoughtfully made clothing with meaning behind it. Pick a piece that speaks to you, get off the grid and X-PERIENCE…



Keep it Real Knitted Sweater $418 & 
E-Perience Denim Bri Bri Jeans - Two Way Denim $286




Walk In Track Top $357




Nu Warped Record Hat - Sand $88 


Available in stores now, coming to our online store soon


Look Book imagery provided by PAM
Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson
Layout and gifs by Shelby De Fazio