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New Newend to lift your spirits…


This week we dove deep into the wonderful new collection of everyday and special occasion pieces from Cathy Tipping of Newend.

We think that her pieces have a magical quality and exist as wonderful gestures in sterling silver and 18ct Gold plated sterling silver on their own. With or without an earlobe the new collection is an exciting break from past pieces and flirts with baubles, chains, curls, and curves. Get your creative juices flowing for what key colours, moods and styles you will be going for this spring/summer season… 

This photo essay features pieces from the Newend range and imagery from various vintage magazines such as Vogue and Elle. 


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Carrick Sleeper - Sterling Silver, Cascade Earring - Sterling Silver


Drape Earring - Sterling Silver


Half & Half Bracelet - Gold Plate, Overhang Earring - Sterling Silver, Half & Half Bracelet - Sterling Silver


Overhand Stud - Sterling Silver, Overhand Stud - Gold Plate


Carrick Sleeper - Gold Plate


Half & Half Adjustable Necklace Thin - Sterling Silver


Double Stevedore Sleeper - Sterling Silver, Overhand Stud - Sterling Silver


Overhand Sleeper - Sterling Silver


Words & images by Gussie Vinall Richardson