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Newend - Core Collection

From distinguished jewellery label Newend, is a selection of updated classic styles and recent pieces that complement each other perfectly. Titled ‘Core’ the collection is sleek, minimal and ingenious; what we have come to know and respect from designer Catherine Tipping, to be sure!

For those who don’t know, Newend’s symbol or visual logo is based off the ancient symbol of the Ouroboros (or uroborus); a serpent coiled onto itself in a circular ring -consuming its own tail. The semantic meaning of this self-consuming serpent fuels the inspiration behind the label and its mission for making; ‘The Ouroboros represents different ideas across Eastern and Western culture. For Newend, it stands for adapting to change and going with the flow. The cyclical symbol represents respect for the good and the bad as equally important halves of one whole, and as such, Newend jewellery is a subtle call to remain mindful.’   

This notion of the duality of everyday life, of both the bitter and the sweet is an often cast aside notion, but the pieces from the new range speak to this idea in a very simple and beautiful way - containing both hard and soft elements; delicate Figaro chain combined with solid Sterling Silver. As the evolution of the label progresses, so does the friendship between us here at Monk House Design and Newend, and we are excited to say we now have many of the new and existing styles available in 14k Gold, and also Gold plate, which are in store now!

The Core collection is ordered and defined by each designs relation to one another, each design builds on the other, and organized into 5 sections; Figaro, Think Figaro, Flat, Thick Figaro, Round they read as a storybook – from fine to round New End does pared back beauty like no one else…get inspired to renovate your look for summer fun or finally lock in those new seconds you got pierced like 6 months ago…

Every piece is designed for all bodies – anybody. From the most minimal of dressers to the layered and adorned- from small, understated studs and classic fob necklace, to the more extroverted double piercing earrings and thick Figaro chain detailing there is something there for most. Which makes a Newend piece a perfect gift for special friends and loved ones – as Newend says themselves; jewellery is more than adornment. Worn every day, Newend pieces are mantras forged in metal to keep you anchored.

Stay anchored, centered and in control – accept the good with the bad – give to those you love, and above all take time to just feel the flow.

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Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson & Layout by Shelby De Fazio

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