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Nature Morte - by Gina Diggle and Poppy Buntz

The art of still life is honorary in creation, dating back to the Ancient Egyptian times where they used to engrave food, ceramics and everyday items from the mortal world onto burial sites, for that person to enjoy in the afterlife. The Ancient Greeks and Romans also used still life scenes on frescoes and mosaics, as gifts to the gods.

Being part of the Western cannon of art, there are many names and guises for this method of storytelling. The word still life comes from the Dutch ‘Stilleven’ which from about 1650 was used as a collective name for capturing this kind of subject matter. And in French it is known as 'Nature morte’ which translates literally into “dead nature”.

Arguably still life captured, comes alive with the placement of fruits, flowers, objects and colours. Creating relationships and stories using distance, proximity, light, cloth and shadow. Usually imbued with spiritual undertones, this week, Photographer Gina Diggle and Stylist Poppy Buntz take on this rich art form to bring a unique perspective on the beautiful objects and jewellery pieces we are delighted to have here at Monk House Design.


Base Range Spra Bag ($317), POMS Giro Brown & Brown ($300)


Base Range Houston Bag ($365), Clarks Evo ($260), Pegs Marlow assorted ceramics, POMS Giro Lilac & Lilac ($300)


Base Range Danube Cardigan ($308)


Bella Clark Dream Hoops ($180), Two Hills Earring No. 38 ($80) 


Pegs Marlow Assorted Cermaics, GEORGE Four Tone Orange Bag ($290)




Photography by Gina Diggle & styling by Poppy Buntz
Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson & layout by Shelby De Fazio