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Monk House Design Launch In House Jewellery Label - Collection One

We are excited here at Monk House Design to bring to you our in-house jewellery line! Made in collaboration with New End’s Cathy Tipping. Collection One, for us is a constellation of pieces conceived due to the desire to create a beautiful, understated selection of keepsakes and adornments for yourself and your closest friends.

Collection One is based off the simplicity and wholeness of the circle. The circle symbolises balance, the infinite and the cycle of life. From beginnings to endings the circle is a continuous wheel in motion, a group of your besties huddled around a campfire or the full moon fading as the sun rises on a brand new day. The dictionary definition of a circle is; a continuous curved line which is always the same distance away from a fixed central point. The very notion of the circle as a solid form, having no beginning or end is affirming, and can act as a symbol of the self, and of inner strength. 

The collection comprises of 6 beautifully minimal pieces. Four are earrings; the Sleeper Circle and the Hook Circle which are both singular hook earrings with circle detail on earlobe and butterfly fastening at back. The Slide Curb and the Slide Circle are pull through earrings with chain and circle/ half circle detail. In addition there is also a Circle Ring, a fine band with small circle charm and a Circle Necklace, a fine cabe chain necklace with two interlocking circles at the centre front.

The pieces from Collection One are sold as separates, allowing freedom to mix and match as needed. Each piece of jewellery is made from sterling sliver and lovingly handmade. We also have the range available in 14 karat plated gold, allowing the wearer to decide which precious metal make suits them best. Available across both stores and online.

Scroll for pictures of the collection. 


Hook Circle $35, Circle Ring $40, Circle Necklace $85 


Circle Ring $40, Slide Circle $55




Circle Necklace $190, Circle Ring $95




Sleeper Circle $70, Slide Circle $80, Slide Curb $80





Hook Circle $35, Sleeper Circle $45


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Modelled by Ebony Harrison, styled by Nat Turnbull and photographed by Madeleine Burke.
Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson & layout design by Shelby De Fazio.