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Wardrobe, Lights, Action/Relaxation - MHD Summer Good Looks 2019

It all started with the dynamic duo - Daniel and Emma, industrial designers from the rolling hills of Adelaide who’s furniture grace both our Drivers Lane store and our Brunswick flagship on Lygon street. Our in house label designer, frequent model, stylist and general magical wunderkind - Pixie McElroy gathered inspiration, props and also D-E’s stunning furniture pieces, including the Soft Love Seat and the Soft Chair for this seasons Good Looks. Playing with colour blocking, unusual layering and props; bringing an electric energy to fore. 

Combining D-E’s vibrant colour palette and furniture from their recent installation at our Lygon street location (read more here) with new seasons pieces; Pixie, along with longtime Monk House photographer Gina Diggle and model Natalia Held worked together on this series of images which make up our summer Good Looks selection for 2019. Thinking though notions of play, dressing up and down; both serious and fun - a flirtatious air permeates. Just like summer itself; balmy nights and bright days full of full sun can’t help but infect those it touches with restless energy and excitement about future plans, celebrations of a hard won year slogging it out, or simply existing in this moment, right now and living for all that it gives.

Featuring new to Monk House Design - label such as Paloma Wool, Bichon Pockets and also local favourites such as Lisa Waup x Verner, Post Sole Studio, Kloke and Sydney based Jillian Boustred. Also featured is the new one shouldered Mod singlet top from our in house label which continues to deliver low key, high quality basics with a dynamic twist. 

Scroll for summer wardrobe inspiration - whether you need to spice up the same old, same old or need something colourful for an upcoming party or event…find what you are looking for here. 


Malica Shirt - Paloma Wool, Totems Pants - Lisa Waup x Verner


 Headband - Verner, Mod Singlet - Monk House Design, Piero Sweater - Paloma Wool, Fluffy Bag - Bichon Pockets  


Himalaya Knit - Paloma Wool, Bike Shorts - Lisa Waup x Verner


Hiatus Knit Tank - Kloke, Valerie Dress - Jillian Boustred, Blue Necklace - Seb Brown, Roman Ring - Seb Brown


Mitsubishi Puffer Jacket - Paloma Wool, Marianne Dress - Penny Sage


 Malica Shirt - Paloma Wool, Totems Pants - Lisa Waup x Verner


Flor LS Tie Dye Top - Paloma Wool, Fluffy Bag - Bichon Pockets 



Dragon Shirt - Paloma Wool, Palette Skirt - Kowtow, Summer Lane - Post Sole Studio


Model: Natalia Held
Stylist: Pixie McElroy 
Photographer: Gina Diggle
Words: Gussie Vinall Richardson
Layout: Shelby De Fazio