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Monk House Design - City Location

Our new store has been designed to encapsulate everything Monk House Design stands for; attention to detail, quality, shape and colour. A nod to the classical with a modern twist. Our friends at Flack Studio have worked closely with us to create a really special space which we are so happy to share with you. 

The Driver Lane space is really special and unique because of it's Heritage Listing, and with that, set it's own rules. The team at Flack approached the fit out as more of a 'insertion' of elements because nothing in the space could be altered or adapted. In turn, the space has both a minimal and bold feel because of the varying elements that work together to create a dynamic and relaxed retail space. 

Lush pink carpet, deep olive green velour curtains, soft pink plinths, mid green counters, a bold blue mirror and soft grey floors, the elements balance one another to create an inviting, sleek and modern space that we are really proud of. 

Photos by Sean Fennessy.