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MLD — Cerimonia

June brings a new collection from MLD, celebrating family and sweet memories. Mel D’Alessandro, a Melbourne born and bred jeweller and craftswoman explains that the collection shows elements from jewellery and keepsakes that she was given as a child, more specifically mementos given to her on special occasions, to celebrate growing up. Hence MLD’s third collection being named Cerimonia, in english (you may have guessed it) meaning Ceremony. 

"The pieces have elements drawn from jewellery that my Nonna still wears and jewellery that my dad used to wear” D’Alessandro says. 

Ceremonia is made up of 11 pieces in total, creating a range of silver keepsakes that shows a link and chain element throughout necklaces, earrings and bracelets. To follow on, MLD has incorporated elements which are also very organic, these ‘formations’ are inspired by the outdoors when D’Alessandro goes on hikes through mountains and along pebbly beaches. 

Cerimonia is a very personal collection presenting elements from D’Alessandro’s past, present and given to you for the future.