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Mel D’Alessandro, the talented woman behind MLD comes in strong with a new collection of versatile pieces based on links, chains, and discs with traces of a thumbprint. The utilitarian and the organic collide in a brilliant way through their attachment in metal. 

We welcome the return of some cute hoops, both front and side facing styles. Striking pod-like earrings are included as well as a name bracelet and the much loved Enzo necklace & rings - named after and based on the jewelry her father wore during Mel's childhood. 

What draws us in and continues our love for MLD’s pieces is that they are able to be worn by just about anyone and that they provide that little bit of spark for your everyday look. Scroll for Mel's most recent campaign, featuring images she has taken herself on film. 

The new range by MLD is in stores now and online now!



Photography: Mel D'Alessandro