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Throughout the year, we have been paying visits to all our brilliant jewellers and taking a special little peek at their studio life. This week, we joined beautiful Mel D'Alessandro of MLD and learnt a bit more about the woman behind the jewellery!


What do you do?
I am a Melbourne based jeweller.

What’s your daily routine?
I usually start with a coffee in bed but the rest of the day is routine free, which suits me just fine. Every day is so different at the studio, I think subconsciously I chose a career path that allows me to not have a routine.

What are you listening to in the studio?
I usually listen to podcasts most of the time, but for music I turn to playlists friends have made.

Where do you draw inspiration?
I was always going through my mum, dad and grandmothers collections of Italian trinkets, charms and costume jewellery from back in the day. I still head to those boxes every now and then and I guess it’s where I can draw the connection from pieces I make now and their influences.

Do you have a favourite artist?
Not really, there is great art everywhere and what I consider to be art is probably too broad for me to choose just one person.

What do you do to take a break from studio life?
Salt water therapy! If it is warm enough, I usually head to the coast and camp, go surfing, and visit friends. Winter is hard but I’m about to chase the sun to Europe.

What’s in store for the rest of 2017?
I’m about to take a nice long holiday to see friends and family in Europe, then I’ll probably come back and work my little butt off until Christmas!


Photography: Madeleine Burke