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Our long time friend Elise Wilken has once more graced our pages with new works in ceramic made in her current home town of New York City. 

Elise has been exploring the medium and in the process has produced Mellow, a beautiful range of incense holders, vases and vessels that can be used to cradle a variety of treasures. We are lucky enough to get a glimpse into Elise's life and creative process with this visual diary of her home, studio, inspiration and end product as well as a little Q&A.... thanks so much Elise!


Where do you draw inspiration?

I've done a lot of travel over the years, travelling through places which have a strong hand-craft — such as Morocco, Bali, Vietnam. I suppose I've drawn inspiration from what I have seen in the details of beautiful handmade rugs, mosaics, and textiles. Everything from there is transformed and warped into new creations from my subconscious. 


Do you have a favourite scent or smell?

I'm always drawn to woody scents like Sandalwood and Cedar.


What music are you listening to at the moment?

I always listen to the classics like Neil Young, Townes, The Cure etc but recently have been enjoying tunes by The Clean. 


What is your favourite item in your home /studio and why?

I have a little pale-blue shell night-light next to my bed that I found in a store in Chinatown. It brings me comfort. 


How was the transitions from living in Melbourne to living in NY?

Its been pretty chill, I've spent a bit of time in NY over the years and walk around a lot, so I know my way around quite well. Despite it being such a busy city, I feel l'm living a quiet and humble life despite the traffic.


What do you love about where you live? 

I love that there is always so much to do and see with so much diversity. Amazing art, people and culture. 

Do you have any exciting projects coming up? 

I hope to expand Mellow into a lifestyle — moving into accessories & other homewares, plus expanding through the use of different materials. 


Photographs by Elise Wilken