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Melbourne Artist and our very own Shop girl Madeline Simm recently painted our shop windows for our Christmas display. We asked Madeline some questions about her inspirations and daily life. Take a look below ! 

What’s your daily routine?
I feel like it always changes. When I wake up I think of my friends and family and them beginning their day. I spend a lot of time at VCA in my studio there, speaking to people and listening to what is happening in their lives. And I'm often home late.

Do you have a mentor? What is it about them or their work that has helped you in your time being an Artist?
I have a great teacher called Lisa Radford. She constantly goes well out of her way to give us opportunities and push our work, is a wealth of knowledge, and has really good humour. I hope I go through life and come out even half as intelligent as Lisa.

Who is your favourite artist? 
I have a handful of Australian artists that I constantly look to/ think about such as Angela Brennan, Rose Nolan, Helen Maudsley, I really like Catherine Huang's ceramic type installations. Elizabeth Newman and Mira Gojak just had an incredible show together at Neon Parc. I love too many to mention.

What are your favourite material(s) at the moment?  
and What has inspired you to use it/them?
I love painting, but lately I have been drawing and sewing fabric. I am constantly reflecting on ways to express meaning and experience through non figuration, and looking at traditional women's art such as quilts, their patterns and embroidery I get excited about using colour in a materially different way. These methods of creating have been empowering to women for such a long time and I want to help celebrate that in my own way.

What influences your work?
My Mum Andrea, my Dad Darren. Being in nature. Strong, smart girls who do their own thing, bright colours, laughter and my friends. All art I experience feeds in subconsciously no doubt.
What’s planned for next year?
I graduate from VCA. So I will be working towards 'Grad Show'.

Photography: Gina Diggle and Caeylen Fenelon-Norris