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Lott Studio — Studio Visit

Introducing Lott Studio, new to Monk House Design!

Lott Studio is run by Kari Layton and Briedi McCrostie. Founded by Kari who started her journey as a jeweller in Berlin, working within a small design collective. Since then she has grown the business enough to include longtime friend Briedi. The pair has spent time here and overseas honing their craft and working with a variety of boutiques and other local artisans. Lott Studio pieces are thoughtfully considered and refined whilst maintaining that all-important presence of the hand. They have the ability to slip into everyday life with particular ease, each piece is highly wearable, and in our opinion applicable for any occasion, being that notable sliver of silver on the hand- or that little pip of gold on the ear. 

Kari sat down with us to discuss their process for making and why they do what they do so well!  Scroll for the interview and accompanying pictures by our talented Gina.


What led you to become a jeweller? 

There wasn't really a specific moment when I decided to become a jeweller, It sort of found me. I was working in Buying for a few years and wasn't feeling overly creatively satisfied from the work. I moved to Berlin and it was here I started to work in sourcing. Looking for footwear manufacturers in Spain and Jewellery in India. Working one on one with the craftspeople in these factories was such a thrill and I think that started my journey into a craft-based practise. Berlin was where I started to learn to make jewellery as a hobby, and from there it began to sell and has taken me on a journey to where I am today.

How did you both meet?

We met by chance when Briedi was working for another business. She kept popping down to buy more earrings and it always ended in long conversations and laughter. She started working part-time when the business was very small. Helping me with whatever needed doing. When the studio became busy enough it was a very natural progression for her to come in permanently. It's rare that you find someone you can feed off and share an enthusiasm both ethically and aesthetically. We even seem to dress the same ;)

What does your workday look like?

Most days involve a range of different tasks. Some days we work closely with customers on custom pieces, organise production or piece development and work on the bench. Other days we are in the city looking for stones, visiting setters and picking up metal. Plus there's the admin in there somewhere and our studio is open to public Wednesday - Saturday so we are always making sure we are ready for that. Our days are very busy and we always try to work in flexibility and balance. We are a small but strong team of 3 women, myself, Briedi and Tia. We usually have breaks and get carried away with conversation when we need to unwind. 

What is your favourite thing about what you do? And what is the biggest challenge about what you do?

The independents and ability to do things that you truly believe in. There are many parts of our day where we have to take on tasks we don't feel strong in or don't enjoy, but these facilitate us to be able to do the things we really love and are passionate about. Staying on top of the studio workload and keeping a good balance in ourselves to be able to produce pieces we truly feel proud of.


Do you listen to anything while you are in the studio? 

Yes absolutely!! We are avid podcast listeners! Making jewellery is a slow and mechanical process and listening to podcasts allows us to focus for longer periods of time on pieces. It's also full of inspiration and new learnings. 

Where do you draw inspiration?

I look mostly to furniture, architectural and sculptural influences. Our style is functional and minimal in its need to be practical. But the way a piece forms or flows comes from inspiration in other areas of the arts. 

Photography: Gina Diggle