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New to Monk House Design is Sydney-based label Jillian Boustred. An artist and clothing designer, Jillian Boustred works from her Chippendale Studio in Sydney, designing feminine, relaxed pieces that are beautifully made and lovely to wear.  

We asked Jillian about her work and the current collection.

Can you tell us about the inspiration for this current range?

This range was really about playing with a more organic colour palate, and going for a really natural feel. I often design a lot with bright colour and pull from art and graphic design but I just wanted to draw inspiration from more natural elements like native florals and plants. I actually spent a lot of time looking at old fashioned botanical illustrations of plants and flowers, I love the line work and colours in them. In terms of the silhouettes and shapes, I'm quite a minimalist and really like classic shapes but I always try to incorporate more modern details to the design and work with a new technique or design element to keep things fresh. 

What would you say are the most important elements that inform your work?

The most important elements for me are silhouette, wearability and the colour scheme/textiles. I often draw from architecture and art, I love minimalism and architects like Frank Loyd Wright and the Bauhaus movement - but I've also always loved large painterly artworks that are really expressive. So I guess it's often about balancing the 2 elements and keeping the shapes relatively simple but putting a more interesting fun colour, print or textile in the mix to make things a bit more exciting.  It's also really important for me to design clothes that are flattering for woman but still have relaxed and comfortable feel, I'm from a family of all girls and grew up in a very female dominated environment so it's a priority for me to design clothes that fit well and make women of different shapes and sizes feel good. 

What are the things that you love most about what you do?

I love being creative and feeling like I'm growing and improving as a designer. With fashion there's so much skill involved when it comes to design, from really technical things like fit and pattern making to other things like fabrication and design decisions. There's so much to learn and I'm still relatively inexperienced but it feels really good to be learning and expanding my techniques as a designer.