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Our latest JEWELLERY WE LOVE is a fresh take on our latest & greatest here at Monk House Design. 

We’ve picked an assortment of our favourite pieces and curated a special range for any occasion, there’s something for a loved one, or a treat for yourself.

Have a peek at our online store or visit us in-store.


from left: Bella Clark Hoops Small $55.00, Seb Brown Geometry Earrings $110, MLD Ore Necklace $99, Seb Brown Eyelet Ring $240, Seb Brown Pearl Earrings $190

from left: POMS Grosso Choker $260, POMS Hamsa Earrings $198 

Seb Brown Star Necklace $150

Bianca Mavrick Miles Earrings $175 

Newend Post Up Hoop $65

from left: Two Hills Earring No.3 $220, Two Hills Earring No.1 $180

from left: Seb Brown Slab Ring $210, Seb Brown Roman Ring $180, Seala Temple Memory Ring $300.

Two Hills No.7 Earring $120