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Jessilla Rogers

We welcome these new works by Melbourne ceramicist Jessilla Rogers. Jessilla writes about her work, and the thoughts and processes of creating her installation.

"Still Life is an amalgam of bits and pieces I have been making over the past year, experimenting with new media like silver, brass, and beading. I have also been playing around in main practice, with ceramics, using different clay bodies, and firing at lower temperatures.

I’ve been collaborating with Seb Brown a lot this year for a show we did together. One of the things it really showed me was what my own aesthetic is. Its far more feminine than I realised. For this show I wanted to show that off-bring on the glitter, the beads and the pastel hues! I also don’t often exhibit alone and so for this installation I wanted to put my work together in a way that is pretty similar to how I put objects together in my own home - which is always in a constant state of flux. The install, or placement of objects, is only as it is because it looked right on the day. If it were done tomorrow it could have been totally different."

- Jessilla Rogers.

Photos by Elise Wilken