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Monk House Design - New Collection

The new collection for our in house label at Monk House Design is centred around the versatility of clothing and the freedom of movement and comfort that flexibility affords. Designer Pixie Mc Elroy was also interested in creating a collection of pieces that attempt to transcend age; responding directly to the wide and diverse audience that Monk House commands. The notion of oversized, or loose fitting, yet flattering styles was the inspiration for the 6 individual pieces that make up the new range. Comprising of an updated Relaxed Pant -a little length has been added to the leg, available in light blue seersucker wool blend (limited numbers!) as well as in blush and ink linen, along with the addition of the Relaxed short, which follows the same shape as its pant counterpart, however ending at the mid thigh. In the mix is the already very popular, Mod Singlet - which is a one shouldered singlet top in the softest rib fabric, coming in a XS/S and a M/L. In the same soft and durable fabric is the Lettuce Tee and Lettuce Short; both featuring baby locked edges and a slim fit - both incredible layering pieces and ever so versatile for work and play! Rounding off the collection is the Oversized top which is a one size fits most linen scoop neck top-shirt with 3/4 sleeves and incredible drape, featuring side seams splits - which create a dynamic edge, coming in both ink and blush linen. 

Colour for the collection was inspired by the signature Monk House pink; a blush pink that permeates through the store and beyond - celebrated in the architecture and colouring of the CBD store - interior of which was designed by Flack studio, back in 2016. 

The location of the shoot pays tribute to this beautiful design work and honours the 15 years of Monk House Design being in existence, aiming to be a marker in time; capturing a moment of change and excitement in Monk history to be sure!

Whether you are yearning for a smooth transition between home and office - or wanting to have multifunctional basics in your wardrobe that speak to all that you do in your day - look no further, we have you covered. Scroll for gorgeous imagery; shot by Izzie Austin, styled by Pixie McElroy and modelled by the stunning Bisahr Phanthapangna. 


Mod Singlet, Relaxed Pants & Blush Scrunchie. Also Featuring Verner Black Headband & Newend Alley-Oop Choker


Lettuce T-Shirt & Blush Scrunchie. Also Featuring Halcyon Lenny Black/Sunset & Iggy and Lou Lou Driptopia Large Planter


Pleated Pant & Seersucker Scrunchie. Also Featuring Verner Black Headband & Base Range Nude Soft Bra 


Lettuce T-Shirt; Also Featuring Halcyon Lenny Sunset/Black 


Blush Oversized Top & Lettuce Shorts 

Blush Relaxed Shorts, Ink Oversized Top & Blush Oversized Top. Also Featuring Hansel From Basel Biles Metallic Crew Blush, Cameron Studio Astoria Necklace, Seb Brown Fish Necklace, POMS Duo Ring, Newend Flash Cut Earring & Palette Earring


Olive Lettuce Skivvy & Ink Relaxed Pants. Also Featuring By Nye Form Earrings, Iggy and Lou Lou Driptopia Large Planter & George Bag Green  


Ink Relaxed Shorts; Also Featuring Penny Sage Gracie Tee, Hansel From Basel Checkerboard Sheer Crew


Seersucker Scrunchie, Pleated Pants, Ink Oversized Top & Blush Relaxed Shorts. Also Featuring Verner Black Headband, Base Range Nude Soft Bra & Cameron Studio Astoria Necklace


Lettuce T-Shirt & Blush Relaxed Pants. Also Featuring Halcyon Lenny Black/Sunset, Hansel From Basel Trouser Crew Black & Post Sole Studio Crossroad Fuss


Photography by Izzie Austin & styling by Pixie McElroy 
Bisahr Phanthapangna 

Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson & layout design by Shelby De Fazio