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Just launched is the new sunglass collaboration between journalist and style guru Sabina Socol and Adriana Giuffrida of POMS. The new style is named after Sabina herself, and inhabits some of the magic of Sabina - they are vibrant, fresh/sassy and Parisian chic to boot!

A celebrity favourite, POMS sunglasses are well constructed and lovingly designed in Melbourne by Adriana Giuffrida whose jewellery line is equally stunning and highly wearable.; featuring an earring and necklace combo co-designed by local artist Brendan Huntley. Adriana is no stranger to collaboration and only great things have happened as a result! Chain chokers and bell bangles, she’s got you covered for special occasions and everyday moments.

The Sabina, by POMS, is a neat addition to the family; exaggerated cat eye style with an Italian acetate frame and a single precious stone adornment indented into the lens. Gems and frames match perfectly - Solid black with an onyx gem, Bone coloured Ivory with Amethyst and the Tortoiseshell with Tiger-eye. Get the basics down, heading into chillier weather Sabina says every girl should own.. 'a super- flattering pair of jeans' .. we also think every girl should own a sultry, sassy pair of sunnies… if there was a time to commit to a new style, now is it!

With a refresh of some Giro styles, including the beloved Brown & Brown edition, you can forever look your best with a pair of POMS adorning your visage. 
The entire POMS range is a cute alternative to an everyday pair of sunglasses, something that you can bring along wherever you are, if you feel you need a bit of a ‘secret weapon’ or a camouflage moment….the purple Giro and the Bone-coloured Ivory Sabina’s feature tinted lenses, a pretty violet shade of purple. Tint all the way! 

Pop in to try the Sabina or re-familiarize yourself with the wonderful Giro and Nuovo styles.  Across both stores…xxx


Photographer: Rene Vaile
Stylist: Thalea Michos Vellis
HMU: Rose Letho
Art Direction: Tristan Ceddia
Talent: Milla Austin
Special Mention: Hattie Malloy