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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

This year, with the oncoming blush of summer, we decided to run with that notion and our guide is inspired by the beautiful and engrossing colour pink. Pink classically represents compassion, nurturing and love - and at this time of year, these are important qualities! Not an easy time for all, but often a nice chance to celebrate the loved ones in your life, pink relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing. Our Gift Guide this year is a combination of designer one-offs, such as Seb Brown’s gorgeous sterling silver signet rings, Rittle King’s cute ceramic cups, vases and also limited edition/exclusive items, such as the APHA. LAB x Kirsten Perry collaboration, which comprises of a unique off-white ceramic holder by Perry and Palo Santo burning sticks.  Lott Studio’s organic shaped slim rings, and Petley wooden homewares made from native salvaged wood; such as the Long Serving spoon and tray. In the mix is our in house essential oil blend - a perfect gift for someone who has everything - able to be used in both a burner and diffuser, along with Base Range underwear; minimal, sleek and figure-hugging, you will never take them off! In addition, a few summer essentials have been included such as the Stan Ray Daisy Mae, a slight variation on the much loved and very popular bucket hat, coming in a rugged denim- it will last long after the rays of this summer have past, also both stunning and functional, the Areaware candles (which come in both short and tall styles) and the brass bell keyring are very, very nice small affordable pieces for your neighbor or your kids favorite school teacher. Also maybe for yourself .. the new edition of Apartamento Magazine should set you up nicely for those days beach or poolside…of which we hope are many! 
This year's guide was put together by in house graphic designer Shelby De Fazio and photographer Izzie Austin, who collaborated on the beautiful images below, bringing the unique qualities of each item to life. The Guide features an eclectic mix of stunning accessories and homewares - for diverse tastes and styles, there is sure to be something that catches your eye. Scroll for inspiration and get motivated to dive into the joy of gift-giving (and receiving!) xx


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Photos by Izzie Austin
Styling by Shelby De Fazio
Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson