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GIGI by Bella Clark

Bella Clark brings her latest eponymous jewellery label to Monk House Design with a fresh, contemporary influence on conventional jewellery. Formerly of jewellery label Building Two, Bella has taken a solo step towards designs which explore the space jewellery inhabits, where the body becomes an environment for adornment. Her playful use of semi-precious gemstones allows colour to become a fundamental element of her first collection.

We've asked Bella a few questions about the Gigi collection and where she hails her inspiration:

What was it that inspired you to first make jewellery?
It's weird because I don't actually wear much jewellery myself, maybe a simple chain or a ring, but that's about it. So I guess I was/am really inspired by the strong, beautiful women around me and the way they cover their bodies in beautiful jewels.

Tell us what you were thinking when you were creating the GIGI collection?
The GIGI collection is kind of like my solo debut into the jewellery world. I wanted to play on conventional jewellery with a contemporary influence. The body is an environment for adornment. I literally wanted to open up the ring to explore its possibilities and potential, watching it grow and change.

What does 2017 hold for you?
Continuing to empower and celebrate women of all shapes, sizes, colours, sexualities and orientations. oh and working on some more self love.

Name your top three songs at the moment:
1. The entire 1992 album by Princess Nokia
2. Soko's Girls on Film cover
3. Spike Fuck - Tomorrow We Get Healthy

Do you have any visual inspiration for the Gigi collection?
I don't look at jewellery for inspiration. I tend to look more at art or furniture. It helps me think freely. 

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GIGI by Bella Clark