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This week we celebrate all things sleep and comfort with a window display from the luxurious and lovely, General Sleep label! Featuring iconic paper lanterns, it got us thinking dreamy, sleepy thoughts… 

A little bit about the label... 
Founded in 2017 over a roaring fire, some wine, and a shared passion for all things sleepwear, Bailey Meredith and Greta van der Star began by searching for sustainable fabrics and a transparent supply chain to get their dream off the ground. They then went on to design a small collection of sleepwear pieces that can be translated to everyday wear with the right mindset. There is an almost nostalgic, vintage feel to both the idea behind the label, and some of the pieces themselves - it turns out some of them are modeled off or inspired by their mothers’ own sleepwear pieces.



Bailey and Greta both have extensive experience in the fashion industry having worked for many clothing labels, most notably, Kate Sylvester in New Zealand, and various fashion magazines in the UK - they said if they were to make anything - it would have to be in a sustainable and thoughtful way. The duo spent a lot of time building up research and resources in the beginning, finding people to work with that were aligned with their thinking. 

The creation of the fabric and the fabric itself is the baseline for all GS pieces. The fabric is created through handloom weaving by skilled weavers from Sausar, South India. They use sustainably sourced local cotton-linen to create the meterage required to make up the gorgeous fabric that becomes General Sleep clothing. The designers met the weavers through an initiative that supports the community by paying their weavers a living wage. The weavers create in large open buildings equipped with solar power and utilizing as much green technology as possible. 



The cuts from GS are simple and elegant - somewhat timeless, classic; these sleepwear pieces will last a very long time. Designed to get more comfortable and more beautiful with age, the pieces we have in store are just what you need in a time like this. Keep your body comfortable and your head sane - lounging never felt so right. 
General Sleep’s mantra is this: We want you to sleep well. And good sleep starts with peace of mind. We agree… get some good rest, in a Sleep Set or lounge about and talk on the phone in an Everyone Robe….you know you want to and need too! With the pool, spa sauna routine out of action, you have to treat yourself somehow! 




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Installation designed by Bailey Meredith and Greta van der Star

Layout by Shelby De Fazio

Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson