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Gemstones are a girls best friend!

A gemstone is a piece of naturally occurring mineral crystal, which in its cut and polished form makes for a divine addition to jewellery. A myriad of colours and meanings, gemstones are associated with having different powers, particular stones lending themselves to assisting with different moods and vibes. The month you were born associates you with a different stone, too. The meanings and beliefs range far and wide. 

Associating gemstones with a month of birth or star sign is probably the most popular way of associating gemstones to meanings. Here is a breakdown of gemstones by birth month:

August babies enjoy dark hues of onyx, bright topaz and deep ruby. Onyx lending itself to releasing heavy and unhappy emotions. Topaz is calming and helps with emotional balance and Ruby to amplify energy and healing.

Septemberists are represented by alluring Sapphire for wisdom, and Zircon to help balance virtuous happenings within your life.

Children from October will associate Tourmaline, Opal and Aquamarine with their birth and with their unique properties; tourmaline for it’s healing, opal for it’s relaxation and calming effect, and aquamarine for verbal and inner self expression.

November babies have Topaz, Pearl and Citrine. Topaz to calm and center you, pearl to bring happiness, wisdom and wealth and citrine for manifesting abundance and generosity.

December is represented by birthstones in Ruby, Turquoise and Zircon. Ruby for good energy and healing, turquoise for protection and Zircon for it’s place in balancing virtue.

Local makers Seb Brown, Jane Heng and Two Hills play with gemstones throughout their work. Gorgeous rubies and sapphires set in large, chunky and organic shaped sterling silver. Neat smooth bands of rose gold topped with a neat baguette style tourmaline. Minimal, modern lines of crisp sterling silver finished with neat round spheres of black onyx.