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Set in a hazy, post-apocalyptic future, The Dinner follows a small group of women as they live out their final lazy and languid days. These incredible women are depicted by friends, artists and actors, existing in an idyllic, simple world. As the film progresses, we are invited into a world of tension and rivalry between the women.

The film formed from Stephanie's original idea of a small group of girls who would collect vegetation in preparation for a formal dinner – an idea brought to life by her partner, director Christopher Hill. The film is accompanied by an incredible score, composed by Stephanie's close friend Jonnine Standish (of HTRK fame!).

Seeing our favourite Dress Up pieces on film and in motion for the first time is super thrilling – The Dinner was an opportunity for Stephanie to create a story for the brand and showcase the emotions that inform it. You can view the short film below, and shop styles from The Dinner in store or online at our webstore.