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Doro is the brainchild of Nancy Coffey, a local Melbourne designer aiming to create slow fashion. Doro uses a process of made to order pieces and small run production, following Australian Ethical Standards and praising quality over quantity.  

Doro is whimsical and fun. It plays with shape, colour and paint, utilising fresh linen, crisp cottons and comfortable elastic to produce a range of basic pieces with distinctive and fresh hand painting techniques.  

From Doro’s first ever collection PLAY we have a range of simple summer pieces in gorgeous fresh linens and cottons. Finished with fun strips of coloured hand painting and gathered sholder strap details on simple tops, dresses and bottoms that feel fresh and warm. To make you feel like you’re on holiday, even when you’re on your way to work.   

All about school recess, PLAY draws reference from a handful of skittles, school sports days and scribbling on butchers paper. Creating a childlike enchantment around the range, designer Nancy Coffey creates beautiful, modern clothing made to last.