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Cathy Tipping — L.A

Cathy Tipping, the talent behind jewellery label Newend recently relocated to Los Angles in California, U.S.A. Curiosity got the better of us and we asked Cathy to send some pictures over that illustrated her life in glamorous, sun-soaked L.A. A place of dreams, illusion, vintage cars, wide open roads and celebrities - it's not all how it seems in the movies. Cathy shared with us her unique vision and experiences in the big sprawling city and we listened intently. If you ever needed the inspiration to visit California, here it is!

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What is your favourite haunt in your new city and why?
When Australian friends come to visit I take them to Redondo Beach and have Mai Tai's at Tony's! It's this 50's cocktail bar in a small tower on a pier. Nearby you can buy an oyster and guaranteed a pearl will be inside for only 15 clams ;)

How has moving influenced the way you make work, think about things?
Hmm, good question.. I definitely have been inspired by the abundance of amazing vintage clothes here. Lots of colour, texture and pattern. I didn't buy much vintage clothing in Melbourne, or hadn't for a long time. Now, that you mention it, I have loosened up in terms of usually gravitating to minimalist styles, I have found myself appreciating and being more open to ornate and bold designs in both clothing and jewellery

What, if anything, do you miss the most about Melbourne?
Family and friends. And there is a certain feeling of calm about Melbourne that I never appreciated. I think the little things make it special and calm in this manner like the mini-parks scattered throughout the city, trams and great public transport, bike lanes which allow its occupants to move through and around more freely than just having to drive.

What advice would you give to someone who was planning on moving cities?
Depends on their age. If you are in your twenties, it's a lot easier I feel. Just pack your bags have a little bit of money and jump into it, rise to the challenges, its good for you! ;) Having moved and lived in other cities in the world in my twenties it was a lot easier back then. If I was giving advice to someone a little older, I think I would suggest having a bit more of a plan. Whether it's a job or a house, at least one of those in order to feel secure and ready for all the challenges you will face in adapting to a new place and culture.

What your favourite thing about the L.A landscape? 
The Hispanic culture and the nostalgic element to the East of LA. On the other side of where Hollywood and Beverly Hills is, there is a different side to Los Angeles. Here you will find lots of old family restaurants and stores. Some still going, some closed down. But there is this movement here where people don't feel the need to modernise and leave up old signs so it feels like you are in a time warp. Pretty wonderful. As development occurs in some areas, even the posh new modern establishments will often leave an old sign up and incorporate their logo into the frontage around it. There is also a lot of nature at your fingertips, it's great to be able to go on a mini hike only 20 min away and walk to the top of a mountain to see an incredible view of LA. 

Moving away from an established community of makers/friends what have been some challenges?
I had to find all new suppliers here in LA and they have a lot more than Melbourne, so it took a minute to figure out where to go and who's the best! The jewellery district here covers a large section of Down Town LA, its huge!



Cafe or Diner?

Best place for shopping?
All the vintage markets! Zebulon market on Saturdays, Rose Bowl Market, Silverlake Flea Market so many markets! And also Melrose Avenue have a lot of great vintage stores.

What is your go-to take away place? 

There are lots of amazing taco trucks and food vendors on the street here! I often go to get tacos from this food vendor in Cypress Park. This lovely family set it up at 6pm until 11pm most nights selling the cheapest, freshest, tacos and Molitas. The make a mean Agua de Jamaica, which is an iced Hibiscus tea. They have little plastic stools scattered along the sidewalk and string picnic lights up and link everything to a small generator.

Do you think you spend more or less time in the sun/outdoors these days?
Hmm about the same I think! I spend a lot of time in my studio. But definitely, enjoy LA sunshine. Unfortunately, the beach is so far away and during summer, most folk this side of LA don't get to the beach enough! Traffic is a bit challenging here and to drive it there it takes so long. You can go to hotels and buy a cocktail to use their pool though! The Roosevelt has a salt water pool which is really nice.



Any unexpected silver linings?
I have learned a lot about myself through this experience. I have let go and mellowed out about things that once concerned me. I think I have realized that being kind and open is the most important thing over money and status. I am glad I have been born, raised and lived in Melbourne, Australia. I am proud of my morals and ethics that I hadn't really thought about much as it was just a given! I only surround myself with people of a like mind now, no grey area, just good folk! I do love meeting new people here, Americans are so friendly and introduce each other and genuinely take interest in your life upon first encounters. It's really uplifting.


What is on the horizon for New End? For yourself?…anything your particularly excited about?
I have recently finalized designs for a new range which is exciting. We are making lots of dainty, finer pieces. In the mere future, my business partner Karina will be designing some amazing pieces incorporating stones.. We haven't used precious stones yet so this is very exciting!

Have to ask… any notable celebrity sightings?
I haven't!! I am always looking, I never see anyone. I always hear, 'i just met da da da, or I just saw Brad Pitt!' I am hoping to see one ASAP. I think I need to lurk in more fancy places.. Fingers crossed, wish me luck.

Thanks Cathy! We wish we could have made the trip over to document your exciting life over there…next time maybe!