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Cameron Studio - New Collection


This week on the blog we catch up with the fresh and dynamic unisex jewellery label, Cameron Studio to discuss all things COVID and creative. Launched in 2017 the label has gone from strength to strength, building on existing pieces to create each new collection that consist of timeless rings, necklaces, and now, earrings (!) which speak to tradition but is then balanced by fluid lines and a sense of movement that could only exist in the now.

We sat down with one half of the label, Glenn Cameron via email to chat to him about what has come, and all that is yet to!



MHD: So, it’s been a pretty wild 2020 so far - did you have any major plans that have been derailed by COVID?

CS: We’ve managed to navigate the lockdowns pretty well, due to some good luck. We finished sampling and shooting both new collections before the closures - we shot our AW21 look book literally the day before stage 4 was announced, so apart from supplier closures limiting our online product offering over the course of the year, it hasn’t been too bad. Though we did have to cancel a Hawaiian holiday which hurt a little…


The label has a universal quality to it - where the pieces seem to drift in from multiple areas of pop culture, skate culture - I’m thinking of tv shows like the Sopranos, or indie film, Kids for instance. Where does Cameron Studio get their inspiration from?

90s skate culture is most apparent and being at the heart of the brand, is referenced in each collection in some way. We then incorporate other themes which differ season to season. That lo-fi, gritty vibe you mention probably also comes through our use of film photography and ties back to our intention to create a brand that embraces a more natural aesthetic rather than an overly polished image.



Cristiano Chain - Sterling Silver


What is the main inspiration behind the new pieces/the new collection? 

We played on the clash between two architectural movements; art deco and mid-century modern, the latter being a style that personally resonates. I’m slowly acquiring a collection of mid-century furniture, seen in a few of our campaigns, and most which need a major refurbish that likely won’t happen for a while! Luckily I’m a patient guy…but getting back to the collection – we referenced various ornamental designs to contrast against the simplicity of modernism and felt it turned out quite well.



Is this your first foray into earrings?! They have such a lovely weight to them (the Flat Edge hoops) - how did you come up with that design or shape?  

The hoops are our first earrings, which we considered for a while. We sampled a few different designs and visually preferred a thicker, heavier weight version, though practicality led us to slim these down to the current format. Keeping in mind our core principles, we felt it was appropriate to launch with a pair that could be worn comfortably all day.


Flat Edge Hoop - Sterling Silver


How has it been in the studio these last few months? - What are you listening to right now?

The studio has actually been much the same – I have a space to myself within a warehouse with other interesting and talented creatives. Being at the work bench most of the day gives me time to listen to various podcasts and music. 99% Invisible is an independent design and architecture podcast that I’ve been loving lately, and NTS Radio is always a go to.



What are your hopes for the new year?  

We’re in talks with a few international stockists, which has always been a goal (while maintaining a strong Australian presence), so that’s pretty exciting. Not sure how international travel will play out in 2021, but we hope to eventually visit these stores in person.



Type 005 Texture Ring - Sterling Silver

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? 

Ho Chi Minh City, eating Pho. Last year I travelled Vietnam with my best mate and I still dream about the food…


Half Signet Ring - Sterling Silver




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Images supplied by Cameron Studio
Words by Gussie Vinall Richardson
Layout by Shelby De Fazio